Love, Esme



My name is Esmeralda Lilah Gutierrez but I like to be called Esme for short. I am 9 years old and I'm going to the 4th grade. When I turned 6 years old the day after my birthday my mommy had a baby boy. My baby brother Ezekiel was my birthday gift, he was born with Down syndrome. At first I didn't know what that meant and I was surprised and scared. But then my mommy told me that Down syndrome is ok to have and that Ezekiel was special and just a little different. She also told me that people with Down syndrome can learn and do everything and anything they want, it just takes them a little longer. I have met a lot of people and gone to a lot of great events supporting my baby brother and all his friends. I will be posting videos about books, my experience with my brother, interviewing other families with members with Down syndrome and some new friends I've made with Down syndrome and other cool stuff. If you have any questions for me please email me at and I will be posting the responses here. Thank you.



My interview with Zoe

Hey guys, I got to interview Zoe Gregor. She is the new Board Member and advocate for Ezekiel's Gift Of Love. She is in lots of activities and keeps really busy. Stay tune for more videos. Love, Esme

Exclusive interview with Connor Long

I was so excited to interview the co-star of the film, Learning To Drive, Connor Long. He was super nice. I got to take a selfie with him and even go to dinner at Mario's with him. One of the things he said in his speech was "don't limit me or poeple with disabilities." One of the best parts about him is that he is very funny. I hope you liked the interview and thanks Connor for meeting with me, Love Esme.

Ds books for Siblings

Hi everyone,

Here is the list of the books that I talked about in my video.

  • The Prince Who Was Just Himself by: Silke Schnee
  • The Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome by: Jen Jacob and Madra Sikora
  • We'll Paint the Octopus Red by: Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen
  • 47 Strings Tessa's Special Code by: Becky Carey
  • I know Someone with Down Syndrome by: Vic Parker

If you would like a book marker we have a few left so email us with your address and we will send it to you.

Please let me know of any other good books.



Merry Christmas in sign language

I got to learn Merry Christmas song in sign language and my brother Ezekiel helped me with the video. He likes the jingle bells in his hat. Love, Esme